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A little about me

I am a remote freelance contractor based in San Diego, CA. I specialize in building clean, efficient, and simple to use solutions for creating and maintaining web applications.

I have provided my expertise to small business all the way up the ladder to corporate giants in medical, dental, law, computer gaming, and banking fields. Because of my life-long background in computing, I offer a vast skill set to the team. I am an analytical yet creative thinker and I thrive at building complex web applications to solve today's problems.

Some Services I Provide

Custom Web Application Business Website CMS Theme Development Wordpress Development Marketing Email Template Website Maintenance Responsive Theme Implementation Lead Generation Website SEO Optimization

Skills I Have Experience With

JavaScript Vue.js Express.js Contentful Docker REST API CMS Integration REST API Drupal Wordpress Flask Python Photoshop LESS SASS CSS Node.js Gulp Webpack HTML Bash Git Flow Git MySQL Laravel PHP React EJS Templating jQuery Bootstrap Strapi Shopify


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A Few Recent Projects

Gold IRA Quiz
  • 10 page PSD to responsive SPA
JavaScript Git HTML CSS SASS Photoshop Bootstrap jQuery Gulp

The Official Santa Clause Letter

  • Build responsive 5 page - Single Page App from PSDs
  • Product Sale, Shopping Cart & Checkout logic in JavaScript
JavaScript Git HTML CSS SASS Photoshop Bootstrap jQuery Gulp

Intrepid Studios
  • Site rebuild replicating existing design
  • Rebuilt with Node Express, EJS (HTML5), SASS (CSS3), JS
  • Contentful REST API CMS Integration
JavaScript Node.js Git Git Flow Bash HTML SASS CSS Photoshop REST API REST API CMS Integration Contentful Express.js Bootstrap jQuery EJS Templating Gulp

Fixit Debt Relief

Completed in cooperation with Polymath.
  • 100% Responsive
JavaScript Git Git Flow HTML SASS Photoshop Bootstrap Gulp

Ashes of Creation

Created for Intrepid Studios
  • Build site from PSD into EJS, SCSS, JS.
  • Integrate Contentful CMS Backend (External Rest API) w/ Express
  • Build blog and populate content throughout site using Contentful
JavaScript Git Git Flow SASS Photoshop Node.js Bash HTML REST API Contentful REST API CMS Integration Express.js jQuery EJS Templating Gulp Bootstrap